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Thread: REI's big sale

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    Default REI's big sale

    I read a while back somewhere on here that REI has a yearly sale, and I think it's on Memorial Day weekend, where you can save (maybe just members) 30% on any one item. Is this correct? If it isn't correct, is there actually a time when one can save 30% off any one item? I wonder if they would sell dry suits for 30% off...
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    We were there about 6 weeks or so ago and most of the winter gear was on sale, got the kids jackets for more than 50% off, wife got some North Face Boots for 50%. They had some of the plastic sheep hunting boots on sale but not my size. I don't know if they have one later, one of their sales people said that sale was a nation wide thing and at the time there was still plenty of winter left to use the gear but we were looking for next years equipment.


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