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Thread: drift boat - better fishing in front or back?

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    Default drift boat - better fishing in front or back?

    Title pretty sums up my question. When drift boat fishing (Kasilof Kings, 2 in front, 2 in back) are you more likely to catch fish from the front of the boat or rear?

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    Default Best position to fish

    The best position to fish is the one that has the fish on the end of the line. Really, The position in the boat changes each time the boat turns sideways so it is the luck of the lure that catches the fish. If bait is allowed, more scent is better, most of the time, it covers your human scent. If the rods are set up correct all the lures will be just a few feet apart as you sweep the stream bed. this way you are most likely to get a hook up one at least one of the rods. Good Luck.


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