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    I am looking at buying a 19' Reinell runabout w/ a 90 hp ob. It is a nice boat but I think it would be wet. One way to solve that problem would be to have a fully enclosed canvas top made. Anyone have any Idea how much that would cost?
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    276-8677 on monday. they did mine three years ago around $1500 or less. Might be less but figure on it being more as the prices go up 10 or 15% a year. He is good and does good work and guarantees it. I had some snaps break off because they were the original and he didn't want to remove them from the boat because they were fine. They are breaking off now and I called him and he told me he would set me some outside to pick up free of charge or he would fix them himself if i brought my boat to him. It was easier just for me to do it. He knew this would happen and we agreed how to fix it later and three years later he remembered and gave me the materials to do it with, Just rivits and snap bases. He is located on 5th avenue on the street with Wendy's. Think it is Reeve BLVD? Highly recomended.

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    Alaska Canvas did my top,a 22' inboard 3/4 for 1350.00. They did a great job, better than what it came with new.


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