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    Was planning on making another run down the Talkeetna Canyon last season, but heard there was a large tree stuck in Entrance Exam. Anyone know if it is still there? I believe it got lodged in sometime during breakup/high water last year as it was not there in 2010. Wanna make the run again this June, but gotta know what the status of this spot is. Looking for some feedback from anyone on the forum that ran the canyon last season. My understanding is that this log is "avoidable". Hardly very reassuring if you know Entrance Exam/Toilet Bowl............ Any info out there? Thanks, abel6wt

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    I flew through the canyon in mid/late August last summer and it was there... Might call some of the air charters up there and see if they've flew the canyon recently?

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    I would call Nova River Runners. Last fall I ran into an old raft guide buddy at Freds in Palmer that now works for NOVA. He was buying groceries and essentials for a Talkeetna Canyon trip. Maybe they didn't end up going or maybe they did, I don't know.

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    thanx for the replies. i'll do some calling around...... take care, abel6wt


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