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Thread: Do you have hydro power

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    Default Do you have hydro power

    Just wondering if anyone here has been able to access hydro, I have a few questions about it. How much of a drop in elevation do you need to get the speed needed? My big question is how do you design your access point with freezing for the winter? I'm sure that most rivers freeze and running something out into the rivers would be difficult and with breakup, the rivers edge would destroy anything. If you can share any insight it you would be greatly appreciated and pictures would be better.
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    I'm working on a project now, that I hope to install in the spring. I worked with Alaska Battery out of Fairbanks, Eddie, and they worked all the calculations. They have told me they can make it work year round, but the creek I'm using is mostly spring fed and does not freeze solid. The intake has to be covered completely, of course, and I think the bigger issue is going to be the outfall unless I can heat trace and pipe the outfall under the ice downstream. It's definitely the most efficient power you can get if you have the property for it. My drop is around 200 feet over 750 feet.

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