I adopted a GSP in the fall and have come to believe that she'd be happier with a nice family that hunts, as opposed to being more of a jogging/hiking companion and house dog.

Meet Teka, a 4 or 5 year old small-ish (40 lb) GSP. She's energetic and sweet as can be. She's good around people and medium to large dogs. She's had all her shots, is reported as being in excellent health according to her vet, and she recently had a broken tooth removed.

However, she does have some issues. Namely, she has separation anxiety, she views some very small dogs as prey, and after a long day of mountain running she gets sore in one rear leg. As for her history, all I know is that she was found at a state park in PA about a year ago, brought home by an animal shelter worker, adopted by that worker's father who lives in Alaska, then adopted by me (the worker's father indicated that one of his other GSPs didn't get along with her). She seems to be purebread.

My wife has grown pretty attached to her, so she insists that the dog go to "nice people who are good to their dogs." I'm posting here in hopes of finding someone interested in a GSP who clearly cares well for their dog(s).

If interested, please respond to this post, or better yet call me at 746-7388.