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Thread: You can use helicopters for black bear hunting

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    Default You can use helicopters for black bear hunting

    This is for real. Black bear hunting in predator control unit 16 with a permit you can use a helicopter provided that you are 300' from aircraft. You can also take ANY bear. Looks like it will start after the new regs. come out.

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    Default After July

    This does not take affect until after July if that is what you are referring to.
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    I would think that hunting bears with a helicopter would be "cost prohibitive".

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    Default Maybe?

    I know a business with a helicopter directly across the inlet that I'm sure is going to capitalize on this. They fly fisherman over and that's not cost prohibitive.

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    Good luck spotting an black bear in unit 16, finding a place to land and not scaring away said black bear. Then refinding that blackbear and taking the kill. My only problem with this regulation is it will be controversial and it will be propaganda fodder. I wish the Game Board would think of political ramifications before they implented things like this. Sometimes you must lose a battle or two to win the war...

    The cost of hunting like this would simply be prohivitive I mean even for the people who pay 8 grand a week to get helied into fishing holes, they will by all means catch a ton of great fish, but to get helied into a bait station or something won't get them 3 nice bears any faster than just taking a boat.

    I'll drive a boat to the tal and sit for ten or fifteen minutes if I ever really wanna get a bear thank you (there are plenty there).
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    I can see plenty of benifeits in using a helicopter.

    A.) You can cover a lot of terrian spotting.

    B.) You can be EXTREMELY selective.

    C.) Easier for older people who cant hike as far or as high.

    I can see this be a good idea, as long as its not abused. However, I'm sure it could very quickly become a bad idea.

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    Default hunting/predator control

    I was talking to someone from fish and game not to long ago about predator control programs and hunting, and they made very sure that I didn't confuse the control programs with hunting. Hunting bears with a helicopter isn't hunting, it's predator control. The same goes for baiting grizzlys in Tok, and shooting wolves from planes.

    This is something that gives hunters a bad reputation, because people in the lower 48 can't see the difference between the hunting and the predator control. They just see sport hunting, subsistance hunting, and predator control as one big group, but we alaskans know they are very different entities. Anyway, just wantedto avoid confusion.


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    I think F&G classifies black bears as small big game. No big game hunting with helicopters.

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    Default before you go buying that helicopter....

    The sentence in the new changes says you can access BAIT STANDS with any type aircraft. It does talk about same day airborne but in the same context that the same day airborne has always been for caribou in the front of the regs. IE airplanes. Also, black bear are considered big game. I'm not the authority but it don't read the way you are quoting to me.

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    Lab man that is a good point that people should be made aware of. I can see that this will get alot of attention. I am sure you will need a hunting licence to get a permit to participate in the program as you need a trapping licence to get a permit to get a wolf control permit. From what i hear the black bears in this area do play a significant role in taking out newborn moose. Not sure weather the negatives will outway the positives. In the long run the moose population will thrive again as it did a decade ago.


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