Just FYI - Some of you may subscribe to the Backpackinglight (BPL) website (http://www.backpackinglight.com/cgi-...ght/index.html). The site offers a range of information including seasonal updates on new gear and new materials at trade shows. A couple of years ago Lujon posted (http://forums.outdoorsdirectory.com/...vent-Rain-Gear) some excellent technical information here about waterproof-breathable raingear testing (from the US Army-Natick labs I think. Looks like the link is now dead.). Not long afterwards, I found similar information on the BPL site and they've continued developing their own field testing/evaluation programs for a variety of field gear - clothing, tents, stoves, etc; a continuation of the type data Lujon posted.

I think they have free and subscription sections, but over the past year, they have featured several gear and technology articles which have been excellent and well-worth the price of subscription. These articles are in the subscriber section, but the recent (6mos?) articles on waterproof-breathable (wp/b) fabrics, wp/b testing and a new 2 part series on tunnel tents (tutorial and review by Roger Caffin) are excellent and maybe worth the price - certainly for anyone willing to spend $600 on a tent, ... or a set of raingear.