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Thread: Kongakut Caribou Pass to the Sea

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    Default Kongakut Caribou Pass to the Sea

    Hello all,

    I am looking for more information on running the Kongakut from Caribou Pass to the Sea in late July. Are there any historical hydrographs for that section? I imagine not. In average years, is there usually plenty of water for a 14ft oar raft in late July/early August?



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    It is extremely braided as you get close to the sea. There should be less channels then, so the water should be good. We stopped a scouted a bunch to be sure to take the right braid, we had fog, so it was tough. Then you float into the lagoon where all the channels flow into and it was eerie because we couldn't see due to the fog. Icy straight can't be missed though, it runs a good length of the coast line there. You should be fine, just choose which braid you take wisely young grasshopper.



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