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    Just a footnote- Have run class 5 and class 1 rivers in cats-- but they were in different sizes and shapes. Guess what I am saying-- bring the right gear and right boat-- the river has no mercy!!
    ENJOY and remember the CAPTAIN is in charge-- So make sure who that is from the start!! Just a bit of info. from an old boater-- who is still alive and well--

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    Coming from someone with your experience, training, and knowledge, your little message should not be considered a "footnote", as you suggested. It should be Headline News, somehow in neon lights.

    Proper boats, gear, training, and some experience can sure help when sumptin goes wrong, possible terribly wrong, during a fun and simple day of floating. With spring here and summer just a few degree of higher temperatures away, I believe your message is grossly understated, and so very important for all of us who consider ourselves floaters or rafters. Even though I attempt to anticipate and prepare and train for every possible bad scenario, bad stuff can happen so fast. And yes, the river has no mercy.

    Thank You for the reminder-message........................................... ......

    ...and a real footnote...does your forum name, GOEAUX, have any paticular or special meaning?


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    Thanks much Dennis, Goeaux, is the cajun,south Louisiana, spelling for Goo, which I have been called all of my life.
    Have a safe, wonderful boating season!!!

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    Thanks Goo,

    That is a great reminder for all of us that are gearing up for some fun on Alaskan water this summer.


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