I went out to Pedneau Range yesterday to see what condition the range was in. The firing lines are clear and if it doesn't rain too much will be fairly dry and firm. The road is wet and muddy. Most of the range is clear of snow except for the berm beside the road and around the 600 yard line. Before we have the match I need to know a couple of things.

1. Who is planning to show up? I need as least 9 people to say: Yes, I will show up and shoot.

2. Of the people showing up, who has an current OIC/RSO card?

3. The 2 people who normally haul the trailer will not be able to haul the trailer this weekend. I need a volunteer to go to Birchwood and get the trailer before the match and take it back afterword.

Please let me know by 2pm Thursday so that I can let everyone know if the match is a go or no go.

Mark Friest
Alaska Rifle Club