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Thread: Anybody run a cataraft with a 72" wide frame?

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    Regarding your "More rafts!" - solution: LIKE! Haha! Seriously though, Mike Strahan often makes a point with any field gear that usually there are both pros/cons for any feature, and size/width of frame prob no exception. The conditions on-stream and intended use would be among my performance parameters. Prob AK Troutbum, Mike and others on this thread have comments/stories to add. Best illustration (and I wish I had a photo to show this, but you can imagine nobody had a camera out) in my experience is overloaded 16-ft Leopard and experienced rower but straddled big rock in mid-river. Solution required rope and plenty of pull from bank. Bigger heavier raft might pivot slower. Wide frame might eat more rocks - and hang up when loaded - prob does not occur often enough to worry about. The stories though might make a good thread! Interesting thread/reading, guys. Thx!
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    Here is the frame set-up I built for my '00 Super Leopard. I'm running 11' SGG's with it and so far, no complaints. It's heavy, and not fly-in friendly...but I have other boats for that duty!

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    Your set up is pretty much what I want. I haven't lost interest but last summer I spent building a new 40' x 50' shop and I'm still working on building a modified Super Cub like plane. I might look for a used raft to get started then make changes as I need them...not so many in North Idaho.

    Thanks for the comments...I'll get there eventually.
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