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Thread: Some more Eagle Pics.

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    Default Some more Eagle Pics.

    Taken in Kenai

    Crop/zoom with software

    Additional crop/zoom with software...getting pixelated

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    Default that Eagle .. .. .. ..

    Is magnificent! I have never seen one in person up close and personal like that.

    I sure always wanted to capture a photo of an eagle. but I know one thing.. An Eagles beak isn't that color, either are the feathers, in other words, your overexposed just a 1/2 stop which can easily be fixed in any photo editing software.

    Great job.

    Great Composition

    Trees are not that color either.

    (don't take me seriously) Only trying to show you how to improve your images.

    Photographers Market Book > get one, there is / are huge markets all over the world for images such as I have seen on this web site, and others.

    It is very easy to make $$ with a camera and leasing / selling images.
    It takes practice & tiime, before the checks arrive in the mail.

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    Majestic birds ……what was the lens used!

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    It was the standard lens on the FujiFilm S5200 camera. The lenses are not interchangeable.


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