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Thread: Lost Lake from Snug Harbor?

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    Default Lost Lake from Snug Harbor?

    Anyone been up to the parking area lately? A few weeks back I was up there and someone had plowed the road past the parking area and left very little ice to ride up the road on. I'm curious if you can even get a snow machine from the parking area to Rainbow Lake now?

    If so, how is the snow once you get in? I'm not avalanche expert and I stay off the big hills but there are a few on the way in that are unavoidable...


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    Almost solid dirt from the parking lot to 1/4 mi. up the trail with just a few spots where you can hit some light icy slushy crud on the sides. I'm going to try getting on top of the berm next time. After that the trail is just fine although a bit bumpy. There should be good riding out there for maybe another month or so.

    Avy conditions have been pretty sketchy for a bit due to spring weather so that would be your call. It should be stabilzing into corn sometime soon.
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