As many of you know, the production of a reality show about Wild West Guns is in progress for a major cable TV network. Our own HuntAK and his lovely wife have already participated in this project.

Here is what the producers have asked me to post.

Casting Call for a Major Cable Network TV show

Are you a Alaskan with an outgoing personality? Got lots of hair and
carharts? Do you have a unique gun that needs a free repair? Or, are you looking
to buy a new gun but have been waiting for the right time to get a substantial
discount? Well, today may be your lucky day.

A TV film crew is in town making a show about the real Alaska - the
tough, the unique, the quirky and even the weird stories and characters that
make this state so great! We are looking for you, the real gun owning, tobacco
chewing, gold mining, frontiersman or woman of Alaskan. The bigger the
personalities the better. Women, Grandma's, Grandpa's, parents and their kids

If you are chosen for the show you will receive a free gun repair or a
substantial discount on a new gun.

Casting will take place at Wild West Guns at 7100 Homer Dr. Anchorage, AK Saturday
April 21st from 10am-5pm.

If you can't make the casting but think you would
be great for the show, please contact Piksik, LLC:

907-738-0324 Stacy
907-229-4285 Toni

Or post your story
& photo:

Good luck folks and happy shooting!