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    Have any of you guys used the Nucanoe? They have a pretty good site and it looks like a killer duck hunting boat for the Stikine. Jim

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    I like the video of the fishing model looks like a great all purpose fast canoe kayak, thats stable enough to step into off a bigger boat.

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    When I saw the word "canoe" I had to take a peek. I checked out the website and don't think I could justify spending money on one. I feel there are more versatile canoes out there with more useful dimensions. I feel a 15ft. Old Town predator with a wheel kit and a small used outboard motor (5-6 hp) would provide greater versatility and more room for gear than that sit-on-top style hybrid craft. Esquif also offers a nice Rangeley 15ft. rowing canoe with 49" width and made of royalex.

    A cheap lift transom could be built for either of these, putting your prop at a level where you won't hit much. I've done a good amount of hunting ducks from canoes in a slightly larger version of the predator that was 17.5 ft. long. We had camo netting that unrolled and got stuck into the ground with long fiberglass poles that my duck hunting partner made. We were able to sit comfortably while ducks darned near flew into the boat when they saw our decoys. For what you're looking for, there's no substitute for a real canoe, come over to the canoe forum and we'll theorize, brainstorm till the time has passed by, and duck hunting starts up again.

    Check them out yourself and tell me what you think:

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    I have been looking into these also for hunting and fishing. I have talked to several people how use them..yes when I see a nucanoe loaded into a truck at a parking I am not above tracking down the owner! I am constantly told they are extremely stable can hold two adults, kids and a dog jumping in and out. they paddle easy but are not fast. wide and dry is also said alot. Think if you plunked the motorguide saltwater kayak trolling motor on it would be a pretty sweet little machine. I mean you can row, paddle and motor them. I currently paddle a Ocean kayak malibu II and i doubt that it is any harder to paddle a new canoe. one think i really like is the raised seat with a real fishing chair. when I am in my kayak for along time my feet and my hips take a beating due to sitting flat. with this one I can sit up a bit and have my feet a little flat. i am trying to line a chance to paddle one before I buy. I will update you if I get more info.


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