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Thread: How bad is too bad?

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    Default How bad is too bad?

    I am looking at a Wooldridge Alaskan with a blown engine. The boat has been used allot. There is not a straight piece of aluminum on the bottom. Most of the dents and scratches are superficial, however there are a few heavy dents in the tunnel and a couple of the rails have almost been flattened to the point of being flush with the hull. Not the whole rail, but portions of it anyways.
    My question is how much is this going to affect the performance? Also is there a problem running a prop instead of a jet?

    Thanks, I know its hard to advise without pics, but I will try and take some when I go look at it again.

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    i would get some pics & talk to glen wooldridge. he'll give you straight up advice, how & what to fix & if your anywhere near them, then i'd be stopping by there.

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    I would guess that a beat up bottom will diminish performance on a jet. You want laminar flow to the jet, less turbulence the better. If you have a bottom that is beat up it will allow air into the stream, especially in the tunnel area that feeds the jet.
    The strakes on the bottom will affect cornering and handling. If they are flattened I would suspect she might not handle the corners as well as one with a clean bottom.
    Again, pics will help and Glenn will give you the best advice.....


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