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Thread: Yamaha 70hp two stroke or four stroke

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    Default Yamaha 70hp two stroke or four stroke


    I am going to purchase a new Yamaha 70 hp. I have an opportunity to purchase either mew a 2 or 4 stroke.
    Weight on two stroke is 228lb. four stroke is 260lb. The motor is going on a Seaark 1860 tunnel.

    I can run two stroke in water I fish.

    My question is has anyone ran a 70 Yamaha two stroke? How reliable is it. Noise level comparison?

    Thanks for any input.
    Help keep discarded plastic from our waters.

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    Yamaha 70 two strokes are VERY reliable! Yamaha's 3 cylinder two strokes were awesome. I had a friend who ran his 70 hard for 11 years without a single problem. With minimal maintence, it was just turn the key and go. I had a Yamaha 40 (also a 3 cylinder) that never gave me any problems the 9 years I had it. I'll go out on a limb and say these motors where the best 2 strokes to ever come down the pipe.

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    To me, 30 lbs is nothing to upgrade to a 4 stroke. I've owned several of both, just in different hp and they are both very good. Just depends how critical waite is to you, plus two strokes are a bit easier to work on, but for me, 4 stroke is my preferred.


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