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Thread: PWS Dolly Varden and Steelhead

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    Default PWS Dolly Varden and Steelhead

    Can anyone point me in the direction of the closest place to Lake Bay in Prince William sound to catch dolly varden or steelhead. I live on Esther Island and I was just curious about anywhere i can fish for them. I have talk to a couple coworkers about it and they said that there arent a lot of steelhead around those parts but i figured i would ask. I mostly fly fish but i also troll or fish with whatever way is working. thanks, Jimmy

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    People will admit there are steelhead in the Anchor River and dolly varden in just about every stream that supports fish, but not sure they'll tell you anything else, especially about local steelhead, on the internet. We'll see. I'll be watching too.

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    I gillnetted out in front of where you are for a LOT of years and have never caught or heard of a steelhead being caught in the sound. I've caught a couple on the copper river flats. I know there are some cutthroats in the streams dumping into the sound. Take the flyrod and some fast sinking shooting heads and go play on the walls by your home, never know how big the next rockfish will be!! I've heard catching dogs out of a float tube is a blast.

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    Plenty of cutthroats and some dollies to be had around the mouths of the small streams in the Sound, but like potbuilder I've never heard of a steelhead anywhere in the vicinity.


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