The impacts of the IFQ system have slowly eroded harvest opportunity in PWS, just ask the number of charters who use to fish the inside waters but have bailed since the CHP went into effect. They proposed LAMPS in 2003 but were ignored. PWS has seen harvest opportunity declining ever since IFQ was implemented according to F&G angler CPUE and HPUE especially in stat 232. That attach graphs shows exactly why. This harvest data is directly from the IPHC. Since 1995 the harvest has dramatically increased and it had to come from somewhere if the overall 3A quota wasn't exceeded. The red line is how the harvest would have been if the same amount of IFQ caught in 1995 was adjusted with the same percent across 3A. Most of the increase has occurred in Stat 240 and since it occurs all summer long fewer fish are migrating into the sound. The other issue caused by increased quota fished within the Stat is the increase in rock fish by-catch associated with the increased quota. Demersal (Yelloweye) rock fish by-catch in the outside district has dramatically increased since IFQ implementation. What I find interesting is that even prior to IFQ implementation that area 232 had much more harvest occurring in only 2 day openers throughout the year. Now they're catching less with 9 months of opportunity.

So what's the solution to solve this issue?

Stat area quota limits? Or, restrict the stat area fishing times to allow more escapement into the sound.

Allowing more escapement inside would benefit all users that have historical fished the area when it comes to reducing fuel cost. Let the fish come to us rather then have to travel clear to the Gulf.