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    What level of protection would you guys take running short jaunts of white water in the interior, Nenana, Delta. Not looking for scripture just interested in what different people use. This year will be my first taste in white water and I'm trying to sort out if I should plan on renting/ borrowing kayaks all year and buying a dry-suit or buying a kayak and making due without a dry suit. Thanks for your replies!
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    I already had waisthigh waders, so I added a Tokatat Tempest paddling jacket with wrist gaskets and neo neck gaiter. The inner skirt will be tucked inside the waders, next the wader belt snugged, then the outer jacket skirt cinched outside the waders, and PFD over all.
    I am mostly floating and/or fishing class 1-3 water in canoe or raft and not doing hardcore whitewater so I did not get a full dry suit.
    So for an extra 190 bucks I am way more protected in a spill than before but surely not as good as a drysuit. I test waded to my neck and stayed dry but that is only a silly trial.
    Feel free to critisize.


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