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Thread: extreme shallow. weight capacity verses fuel consumption??

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    Default extreme shallow. weight capacity verses fuel consumption??

    does anyone have some real data about how much weight can a 2175 with a 200 opti carry? and what is the fuel capacity with the weight. Who's done the tests I want too know? also how is the oil consumption with the weight.I'm trying to figure my limits Help!!!!

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    I’d take what ever answers you get with a grain of salt. Not that anyone would brag their boat up but there are a lot of variables. The condition of your jet unit, (wear ect.), weight distribution, how small of a safety margin you are comfortable with, and so on.

    I own a Sport Jon with a 200 hp Optimax. I’ve also run both the Extreme Shallow and Sport Jon for work, (not near as much as I’d like.) Though we aren’t allowed to max out the work boats my impression is both would max out about the same.

    In my Sport Jon I can carry about 1600 lbs plus fuel, but I ‘m not comfortable with it. I like having some extra left in the throttle “just incase” and at that load I’ve only got a few hundred RPM left. For me, I can comfortably carry 1200 lbs plus fuel and have enough throttle left “just incase”.

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    A friend and I too his XS with a 200 from the Yukon bridge up the Koyukuk and back. Will PM my number if you want to chat about it.

    Edit,,, see you are new and can't get PMs yet,, 907-460-1008


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