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Thread: Need help buying a Canvas tent

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    Default Need help buying a Canvas tent

    Ok, so I've come down to two canvas tents that I really like, but unfortunately can only buy one. Help me decide. The first one is the 10x14 Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow. The other one is the 10x16 Trek 247 Canvas Cabin. The Kodiak is $599 but has unique features like the hydra shield, the ykk zippers, quick one person setup, heavy rubber like material floor and is waterproof as I have read from many other reviews. Now the Trek is $500. I couldn't find too much information on it, but like the design and price. I do know that the canvas is highly water repellant which is not as good as the Kodiak. The Trek also comes with a rain fly and 3 room dividers along with an inflatable raft like floor material. I haven't seen any pictures of how the inside looks like with the three room dividers, floor and all. Anymore information on the Trek 247 canvas tent would be great. Pictures would be helpful too. Thanks in advance.

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    I see nobody ever replied to this post but I am interested. Did you make a decision? How has it worked out?


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