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Thread: Denali Highway Lakers

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    Default Denali Highway Lakers

    We are going on a trip out the denali highway and bringing a canoe this weekend. Does anyone know of any premo lakes within portaging distance of the road which may yield good rainbow or lake trout fising?

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    Default Roosevelt lake

    Just past the Susitna river on the East side there is the road that goes North to the old Valdez creek mine. You can drive up past the mine and get to Roosevelt lake. Last time I was in there I drove right to the lake shore. It isn't very big but there are a lot of lake trout. The lake is VERY deep and we were just casting pixies from the shore and jigging them a little way out in the boat. We cought several that were 3-6#'s. Pretty tasty on a shoreside grill.

    Good luck!

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