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Thread: Water Activated Emergency Personal Beacon

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    Default Water Activated Emergency Personal Beacon

    Water Activated Emergency Personal Beacon
    AIH is selling a Water Activated Emergency Personal Beacon that should be attached to your life jacket for $20.
    If you have never looked for someone in the water then you may not think these are important. Remember all you can see of a person is there head and hope a arms movement and at 100 yards you will be luck to see that. I have one of these on every jacket and a whistle. So this is cheap insurance, ( for critics) they make better ones by ACR but something is better than nothing

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    Is that at Alaska Industrial Hardware? Or do you have a link for these?

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    Yes I got 3 at Old Seward Store
    & bought one for a friend new to boating as a gift for helping me on my boat!
    No links! Person to person link work best for me, LOL

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    What does it do, strobe lights, noise, or what?


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