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Thread: How bout that SD40

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    Default How bout that SD40

    New to the handgun world but before you all accuse me of a bear filing off the front sight to make it easy on me, know that this gun is not intended for bear. I also may not have as much outdoor experiance as you but im born and raised alaskan and do have experianceSo far I've learned that's it's a good bang for the buck and has a relatively heavy trigger pull ( pretty sure it was intended that way ) so no whining about it. The resources on information these days is unbelievable and obviously any of you that respond have access to a computer. So concealed carry.... What do you say? Also what are the laws these days on concealed carry? I heard the class and paperwork was out

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    I don't think Ruger or S&W build good plastic pistols.If going plastic I would stay with glock.Yep permit no longer needed in state
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    The SD40 is a very good pistol, it does however have a very long trigger pull that takes some getting used to. Once you do though, its actually very cotrollable and all the ones I have experianced have shot great


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