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    Default Emmrods

    I saw a crazy looking fishing rod at the Sportsmans Show called Emmrod and was wondering if anyone has used these? Pros/Cons? Thanks!

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    I was at the booth next to the emmrod guy all weekend so I got to hear his speech over and over. One problem I saw would be the potential for the spring to act like a sling shot if say your line, weight, hook, got snagged on something and them came out. It's bad enough when a fish spits your hook or you snag a salmon and the hook comes flying back at you.

    The portability of the rod was nice, but then again not much different than a take down rod.

    Upside would be having my friends laugh so hard when they saw me fishing with it that they would be unable to focus on their fishing. More fish for me.

    Downside would be when my friends kick my ***** because they didn't catch any fish because they were too busy laughing.


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