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Thread: Good deals on gear

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    Default Good deals on gear

    Not sure how many of you know about this website. They offer deals up to 75% on all kinds of gear (helly hanson, minus33, nat geo maps, kestrel, redram merino wool, leupold, big agnes, etc). You have to be a member. If you are military, a hunting guide or outfitter or an employee of certain companies you can join. Just figured since most people will be shopping for this years hunting I'd pass this along.
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    I've been using for a few years now. It's a good site and it seems they're constantly adding companies. My biggest gripe is it seems more often than not the items I'm interested in purchasing are out of stock and never seem to be available. But, anytime I'm looking to order something online I usually check promotive and a couple other places to compare discount prices, always nice to have that option.

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    I'm going to look into this and see if I can sign up, thanks. Always looking for a good discount on gear. Headed for Oregon soon.

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    Promotive is extremely nice! On a side note if you order from leupold expect a long wait!

    Another option for military and law enforcement is It cost 20 dollars a year but has great deals on Sitka, msr, and many more brands!


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