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Thread: GoPro hero $200

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    Default GoPro hero $200

    Cocso south Anchorage has GoPro Hero camera for $199 and 16 GB SD grade 6 for $22.
    Is that a good deal?

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    That's what they go for now since the Hero 2's are out. I shopped around and pricing was $199 nearly everywhere except for a couple places where they are $229. They used to be $299, but they kept that price for the Hero 2's and lowered the cost of the original.

    Pretty much everybody is out of Hero 2's right now. Orders have been placed and they are being held up in customs for some reason. I've got a couple of stores here in Fairbanks that said they have me on a list to call as soon as they come in. I've been anxious to get it!


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