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Thread: What to Winch To???

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    Default What to Winch To???

    Ok we've all been in the situation where your suck in the mud on the open tundra and not a tree in sight. Usually you have a buddy along and winch to his wheeler. But what if you can't. What do you use to winch to? I've heard of some people using a kind of boat anchor-like setup that just digs deeper into ground the harder you pull. And it comes right out of the ground when you yank it the other way. Has anyone here used them if so how well do they work and where might I get a simliar item.

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    Default Anchors

    Never tried it but I can tell you if you have the right anchor it'll work. I don't have a 4 wheeler, but I've fished in BB for years. You want a bruce anchor for muddy conditions. (You'd probably only need a 6-9# anchor.) A danforth may work but not for seriously muddy conditions. I'd love to see this in action. We use bruce anchors setnetting in the Nushagak River and in really soft mud we have to use the the boat to get the anchor out. If we get a bruce in a slough, we'll have to recover it a low tide because it won't budge. I could forsee a bruce getting you out easily and with a bouy line on the back of the anchor your just pull it out of the mud. A screw anchor would work well too, they would be a bear to put in/take out though. Anyone have practical experience doing this?

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    This topic came up quite a while ago and we found some good suggestions. Read this thread and see if it answers some of your questions -

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    you could also attach your line to something, and bury it.

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    Default Danforth mod.

    I had an idea of welding rebar to the flukes of a danforth to work in the tundra. Id cut and weld the rebar to where its the same length of the folded danforth or a little longer. If your packing an anchor anyway this wont take that much more room. It would give more penetration than the standard flukes. Only other thing to do is carry a T-post cut to the same width as the wheeler. Then you could drive it with an axe or bury it and make a dead man. Thats the best I can come up with.

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    I use a screw in anchor, they work well. The one I have is a military surplus one I bought at the army/navy store in Anchorage.

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    Default pull pal

    There is a thing called a pull pal. it is similar to the anchor above except i think they fold up. here is the link.

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    I have used the danforth to pull my 6x6 through the snow. It worked great! I wrote the story to Warn Winch and won a new winch for it.

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    Pullpal is good, and you may refer:

    Synthetic Winch Line
    Synthetic Winch Rope


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