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    I'm not sure if such a thing exists, but it can't hurt to ask.

    Is there a GPS on the market in which I can save trails, actually a complex network of winter trails, where once saved, the GPS is smart enough to then give turn by turn directions and trail distance like an automotive GPS?

    The reason I ask is that in my neck of the woods (Caribou Hills) there are several trails which go several directions, and criss cross, with many different routes to get to the same places. I have a Yamaha Rhino on tracks, which goes about 10 mph on snow, and would like to find a unit that I can type in my custom loaded POI like "Bob's Cabin" from anywhere on the recorded trail network, and it will calculate a route, and send me on my way.

    When going 10 mph, at night, and sometimes in blizzard conditions, its quite a pain to continuously stop and zoom in and out to find my next turn, in addition to having an accurate way to measure the trail distance to my destination.

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    None that I am aware of will route to saved tracks.........But you can turn those saved tracks into a custom map that most Garmins can route to.
    Google making Garmin maps......tons of info.

    I've made a number of custom maps out of tracks I've saved............I hardly ever use the routing feature on the GPS.

    I zoom in to a level that I can see enough info and watch my progress as needed.
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