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Thread: Canister Stoves 101: Thread Care

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    Default Canister Stoves 101: Thread Care

    Ever taken a good look at the threads on a canister?

    Notice how they don't sharpen down to a "point" or line the way most threads do? These threads don't give your stove a lot to grip on to. Use them wrong, and you'll wear out your stove (literally).

    I've assembled some basic tips for taking care of your stove's threads in Canister Stoves 101: Thread Care. Please have a look.


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    Cool, ahem, thread, Jim! Yep, can stoves rock, sure miss my old Primus; the Coleman propane ones work OK, the fuel is cheap, but they wear out pretty quick with heavy use. Just got a new MSR Pocket Rocket, can't wait to break it in!
    " Gas boats are bad enough, autos are an invention of the devil, and airplanes are worse." ~Allen Hasselborg


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