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Thread: Shorter floats out of Kotzebue

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    Default Shorter floats out of Kotzebue

    I have kind of an odd question.

    A group of people I know will be passing through Kotzebue for work. They would like to spend 3 days floating on a river. It would be late July/early August. They are safe in the outdoors but I don't think any of them are particularly experienced on whitewater (so, class I would be best). They won't be hunting and aren't huge on fishing (but would like to fish a bit) - they just want to get a taste of the arctic and see some good scenery.

    Can anybody think of some rivers/portions of rivers that might fit the bill (and be accessed from Kotz)? The Noatak springs to mind, but I'm not sure if there's a portion that would be best recommended. I was also thinking the Kobuk as it flows through Kobuk NP (hike to sand dunes, maybe caribou?), and I've heard some of the tribs on the Noatak are pretty nice.

    Thanks for any and all input.

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    That is a tough one guys! The Kelly or Kug might work but you will need a pick up. Check out the Wulik. Great Dolly fishing and it is short and the best part is you will end up in a Village and can take the Bering Air flight back out which will save you some $$. You can also float the Squirrel River down to Kiana and fly back on Bering Air as well. Just make sure you fly with Jim at NW Aviation or Jarred with Golden Eagle. Make sure you explain that you want to be dropped at the No Name or the Omar Rivers only! If they drop you any higher it will be a 5 day trip!

    Shoot me a PM if you have any questions, I have floated them all so I can tell you what to expect!

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    Thanks for the reply. The Kelly looks like a good bet. If you have any details on that river versus the kug I'd love to hear them.

    Did you rent gear in Kotz and then stop for a couple years? I hope you're still there because I think they will want to rent some stuff.

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    Yes i operate out of Kotz but only during the Fall Caribou/Moose season. We rent Float packages and Drop camps.



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