I wanted to show you my no good un-trainable Jack a with a video but when you have 550 mg of vid, aimed at the inside of the car, not the field.... ya got nothin'. Just my word. On Friday I put out a sight blind about 40 yrds and practiced mark with bumpers and dead bird sight blind. Throw 2 wide marks to retrieve and pick up the dead bird in the middle. He did well except he loses interest in the thrown bumpers so applied a little ear pinch pressure or light collar pressure with lots of praise and and a few repetitions he fetched them fine. My version of "Force" is more "Please Fetch" for this dog. He'll melt with too much pressure and most guys would throw him away like all the other washouts that end up in the shelters or frustrated in pet homes. There is a way to work it out and I'm getting there.

Today I used the sight blind only now a known blind (made that up) as a cold blind, and he charged like his tail was on fire, but then blinked a thrown bumper. I convinced him he should pick up both. While I know "they should pick up "whatever I G&&%%$$#, tell them!!!" A dog who picks a dead half frozen bird over a flying bouncing bumper is kind of OK by me for the moment. He seems to get the brib, "if you do what I want you get what you want".

Linda and Jake, Knik Curly Retriever.