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Thread: Roof Top Tents - opinions/experience?

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    Default Roof Top Tents - opinions/experience?

    Hello Everyone - This is my first post here, looking forward to digging deeper in this forum and making the most of my time in these threads. We are consider purchasing a Roof Top Tent for our Toyota FJ Cruiser. I've seen a few around the State but not too many. Anyone out there have any experience with a R.T.T.? Thoughts or opinions? Any specific brands to look for and or retailers up here?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Tim-- Welcome!!!
    I too have been looking at RTTs for my pickup, but am skeptical of their performance in the Last Frontier. I know a guy in Eagle River that has one on his Range Rover (ARB Simpson II) And he loves it. A friend of mine is the Maggiolina dealer for Alaska, and he uses his a lot. My biggest hang up with them is putting them away wet. Not as easy to drag it inside the garage to hang dry for a day or so. I have flirted with the idea of building a marine plywood deck on my roof rack and just pitching a mountaineering tent up there. Most of these RTTs just don't seem stout enough for Alaska weather.
    Colby Jack

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