We had about 8 people show up with bolt guns from .308 to .338 Lapua. My friend won using my gun. A great time was had by all. If anyone wants to compete in this kind of match send me a PM and hopefully we can get these scheduled more often.
I had not had the opportunity to confirm my dope at 200 and 300 yards with this rifle as my local range does not go that far out. Luckily I have a chrono and a good ballistic calculator and the only correction I made in the match was .1 mil left that I noticed at 300 yards.

Here is my rifle.

Nothing too fancy but it will hold just over .5 moa with the loads it likes and .75 is typical for it. I blew it in this match. I shot the guys target next to me at the 200 yard line costing me 4 points, I missed another one at 200 yards. I did get all my 300 and 100 yard targets. I took a chance on the challenge targets and hit them until the last dot which was .5 moa. I figured if I took the chance I could have got 1st place but I failed and lost those points and got 4th place. Still had a great time.