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    I am getting quite a few contacts lately for summer rafting trips Down the Gulkana. It is a great time to palnn but keep a few things in mind;

    The lower section of the river (Sourdough Campgrounds to the Bridge) open first and that can start in mid May but the water is dangerous and cold! We don't put many groups on the river before June 5-10. There are always lots of sweapers and if you go in the water can kill you fast!

    Paxon Lake to Sourdough is always dependent upon when the ice leaves axon Lake. The river opens earlier than the lake does so getting across the lake is the problem. Most years that will not happen until the last few days of May at best. Last year it was early June and once again we hold back on the upper section until the junk has blown down river.

    Early season rafting can be great but keep in mind safety is the key and the Gulkana River is a mess in the period just after break-up.

    See ya they summer.

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    When would be a good time to plan the Paxon to Sourdough trip. Mid June? Is there a time during the summer that the Rainbow fishing is at it's best?


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    Any time after the river has blown clean the fishing is good. Don't plan on going prior to June 10th might be a good rule but remember every year is different.

    The Rainbows fead hard after the King and Red spawn. Kings are about spawned out by July 15 and Reds spawn all summer. Choose Leech, egg and flesh patterns when you plan and don't forget the Meps #1-2 ed and White!



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