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Thread: Bike Gear Trailer at Costco

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    Default Bike Gear Trailer at Costco

    I was at Costco on Dimond today and saw they are carrying a two wheeled bike trailer. This isn't a kid carrier, it's designed to haul gear. Says is has an 80 lb capacity. Selling for $99. Could be a pretty cheap option for bike hunting. A lot cheaper than a BOB trailer and has a better capacity rating than a kid carry trailer. Might be worth looking into if you have a Kenai Mt. caribou or Delta sheep tag.
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    I made a trailer out of a deer hauler years ago for an elk hut. They work great. Only problem you need to take into account is the hitch system. The trailer will likely dump over a few times. If the hitch can't adequately flex or twist it will take you with it and bend or break the hitch.

    I'm going to check this out, looks pretty nice.


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