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Thread: Black bear baiting near houston area

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    Default Black bear baiting near houston area

    I was wondering if anyone knows the are outside of Houston very well, and if most of that is State land or priviate? I just moved out to the Wasilla and wanted to set up a couple of baits close to home without
    trespassing. Any info on baiting around here would be great.

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    I'd try up Zero Lake Rd. Another good area is down on Pt. Mckenzie. It is only 45 minutes away and you can go every evening after work. We have had some good success down there. Lots of Blackies and we have also had some very large Grizzers too.

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    where is Zero lake?

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    Just remember. 1/4 mile from a publicaly maintained trail or road, 1 mile from a dwelling, improved campsite or such. Take a GPS to help yourself out.

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    Ya I have a gps, I have also been kinda scouting out some places with google earth trying to see if there are any houses around the area. Thanks for the info.


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