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Thread: HOPE Rd. Homes/Dwellings Report

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    Default HOPE Rd. Homes/Dwellings Report

    1.) The town of Sunrise, Alaska starts at Mile 7.2 Hope Rd. and ends at Mile 9 Hope Rd.

    2.) Most properties are large and dwellings can be more than 1/4 mile off the Hope Rd. (There is a dwelling at mile 8.9 about 1/4 mile east of the Hope Rd.)

    3.) there are two miners dwellings located at the mouth of Falls Creek (Roughly Mile 5.2 Hope Rd.)

    4.) I don't know if it would be classified as a dwelling, but the Forest Service building is at mile 12 Hope Rd.

    As a side note: It is illegal to operate any vehicle (Accept Snow Machines) off the Hope Rd. This includes all access roads for maintaining the Powerline. The only exception is the old gravel pits at mile 9.25 and Mile 7.15 Hope Rd. (However this does NOT appear to be inforced currently)

    I am not in anyway involved in Law Enforcement. I am going to turn of my Private Message thingie, as last year I was spending to much time with PM's.

    Good Hunting

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    Thanks for helping support the bear hunters!

    When thinking about the bear baiting season .... reminds me of many farmers in the lower 48. At first, they welcomed hunters into their fields to harvest wild games. As time wore on ... some would shoot up their signs, leave their trash, leave the gates open, and some would even shoot their livestock. Eventually, the "No Hunting" and "No Trespassing" signs went up.

    If I were to bait bears in your area, I would hope to try to contact you, as I wouldn't want to repeat some of the errors of others that have placed stations illegally and you have a wealth of knowledge. So although much of the land in your area is public and forest lands.... hopefully, others will show you similar respect through research and asking for help prior to establishing their stations; rather than doing things that are illegal or that would trash the place.

    Again, thanks for your efforts!


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