Hello, I have a question regarding Lowrance fish finder/GPS units. Does anyone know if a LMS model (now discontinued) transducer and power cord will work with their new models? I had a LMS-522C that I used to use year round. It was my boat's primary unit and I bought the portable pack to use it for ice fishing. It was the catís meow for ice fishing and the GPS function was great. I could drive to within a few feet of my marked spots and start catching fish right away. That was really helpful, especially after a storm. Unfortunately, when I sold my boat, the buyer wanted the fish finder thrown in with the deal.

So at the current moment I have the portable pack, but no head unit to use with it. I have been watching eBay all winter long and for what the LMS-522s have been going for I can get one their new and improved Elite series units for a bit more.

The LMS units had color coded connectors. I stopped by Sportsman's today and looked at the connectors on an Elite-5 and they are not color coded and might even be smaller than the LMS models?