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Thread: Shore fishing in Seward

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    Default Shore fishing in Seward

    My wife and I will be taking a cruise out of Seward in late July and we will have about half of a day to do some shore fishing before boarding the ship. I have searched this site for helpful information and there is more mention of Miller's Landing at Lowell Point than anything else. I looked at Google Earth maps and see where the landing is located but have a few questions. First off we are experienced fishermen just short on cash so we are not able to book a charter but don't want to be this close to the water and not at least give the fish a try. As far as what we want to catch, we are not picky as long as it is salmon. Will not keep any fish so pinks and chum are find for us. We just want to catch something.

    First off, do you think the Miller's Landing area would be our best bet?

    Would it be a problem parking a rental car at the landing and walking down to the beach to fish? Don't know how the owners would feel about that.

    There seems to be a lot of open beach on the Lowell Point road, especially if there is not a high tide. Are there some good places to fish along this road?

    We would appreciate any advice you can offer.


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    There's a guy named Wes at Miller's Landing that gives fishing advice for tips and takes people on "guided" 1/2 trips Seward, with vehicles and walk-in only. At least he was doing it when I was there 2 years ago. He told us exactly where to snag some pinks in the Resurrection River and we had a blast. I saw some people fishing by the Seward waterfall, immediately south of the town and one or two people along the road down to Miller's, but no fish being caught. There was actually what appeared to be a charter boat fishing just outside the waterfall too. I can only assume that fish are sometimes caught there.

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    There is plenty of good shore fishing around Seward. Stop and ask at the Fish house when you get to town or take a drive and see where people are wetting a line.


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