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Thread: Sako Model 85 controlled-round feed replacing Model 75?

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    Default Sako Model 85 controlled-round feed replacing Model 75?

    Anybody got any information on the Sako model 85 and its controlled-round feed design? Is it replacing the model 75 or just an addition?

    I am anxious to find more out about it, being a Sako fan that I am. The controlled-round feed really piques my interest. I haven’t been able to find any real details on it yet though.

    The May/June issue of Rifleshooter talks about it a little in the article “New Rifle Roundup”. It implies the 75 is out, “…Finnish gunmaker has refined its Model 75 bolt-action rifle into what is now the Model 85. Most noteworthy among the several new features is that it is now a controlled-round feed action using a detachable magazine that can be loaded from the top.”

    I checked Sakos website and they don’t show the 75, only the 85. The Beretta USA web site shows both the 75 and 85 models, with the 85 being a higher price and some models don’t have pictures yet and some have a lot of N/A’s in the spec charts.

    Got any news on this, or better yet had your hands on a modle 85?

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    Yeah, I've seen them.

    The 85 is exactly like the 75 except for the bottom of the bolt face lip that surrounds the cartridge head has been milled away to allow the case head to slip under the same Sako extractor as the cartridge feeds from the magazine. The M75 and the M85 use the same magazine and the both load from the top through the action, or as usual for a detachable magazine. Everything else is the same as far as I can tell. I had hold of four of the M85's three of which were in the 338 Federal caliber. And, as you say, the price is higher.
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