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    We would like to get a handheld GPS for a backup, can someone tell me which (if any) Garmin units come preloaded with the bluechart? Thanks for any help

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    I own one of those and I love it! I've used it here and in Hawaii and it works well. I also like the fisherman setting, which shows topograph as compared to soundings. Great for setting your pots.

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    I just bought the blue chart for my hand held. Its a 60csx a few years old. Make sure you get a color screen, but most handhelds no a days will have the option to put the blue chart on it. I also picked up the alaska topo sd card as well, so if im in the ocean i pop the blue chart in, and if its over land i pop the topo in. saves all your way points either way, good luck on your search. stop by the garmin store on old seward just before diamond and check all the options they have. plus they are a little bit more of an expert in the field than what you get at a retail store.


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