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Thread: HB 356 "No Net Loss" bill

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    Default HB 356 "No Net Loss" bill

    I posted this over on the hunting thread too. HB356 is going to be heard by the State House Resources Committee this Monday, April 2nd. Contact your representative. For those unfamiliar with it, it is the "No Net Loss" bill which will create a baseline acreage of public land open to hunting, fishing and trapping. If the State closes any public land it must open the same amount of acreage to hunting, fishing and trapping.
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    Great legislation if it gets through! I could use a little more explanation of if this is just lands/hunting opportunities closed by F&G closing seasons or from all causes. We need the same thing covering access.
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    Well we need HB 357 opening up some of the national park lands to hunting.
    And HB 358 retaining public hunting rights on all private parcels over 180 acres. Just dreaming!
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