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Thread: Bushnell Elite 3200 3-9X40mm

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    I have a Bushnell Elite 3200 3-9X40mm scope mounted on a Browning A-Bolt (left-hand ss) .338 mag. using Warne rings and bases. I bore sighted it and went to the range. At the range while shooting at 100 yards the 1/4 MOA click adjustments were all over the place. Sometimes they would only move the shot group an inch after 10-12 clicks and other times it would move 6-8 inches after 10-12 clicks. I tried taping on the adjustments to make sure they were seated each time. How hard do I have to tap( I was using my index finger most of the time)? Does anyone have any advice and/or know what the problem is(short of taking the scope of and sending it back to Bushnell for a replacement). I also have a second identical Bushnell Elite 3200 mounted on a Savage .30-06 with the same type of Warne rings and bases, but I have only bore sighted it so far and haven't been to the range with it yet. Thanks for the help.

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    Maybe check your mount screws. If I can't figure out why a scope is working it's usually a loose screw (behind the trigger sometimes).

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    I have checked all the screws and none are loose. Is it reasonably possible to overtighten the screws in the scope rings and cause internal damage to the scope without any visual damage to the lenses and other parts?


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