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Thread: Sportsman Show Good Deals on QUALITY non-felt wading boots?

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    Default Sportsman Show Good Deals on QUALITY non-felt wading boots?

    Anyone been to the Sportsman show yet and seen any good deals on non-felt wading boots? I' hoping to find some Korkers or Simms with a discount if I can.
    Thanks In advance...

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    When to the show yesterday and all the boots I looked at were priced as they were in all the stores before the show. No show discounts that I could find. Bummer.

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    saw somewhere that if you spent a certain amount on waders, youd get a certain % off boots. they were all simms. something like 50% if you spent 300. maybe off on the guess
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    At one time Simms was like Sage- dealers weren't allowed to discount them unless it was an "official" discount authorized by Simms. Dunno if that's still the case, but once upon a time it was. I see Korker prices all over the map online, so maybe it's more likely you'll find discounts.

    I've been a Simms guy for 30 years, but my wife and I picked up some Korkers last year. Gotta say I was disappointed at first, but now I'm enthused. They worked great, but my wife's started coming apart after 2 months. Took them to the shop, and they called Korkers. The folks at Korkers just about wet their pants, told the dealer to give us new ones then and there, and to send the defects back to them priority Fedex so their engineers could diagnose the issue. That tells me they're on top of their products. Not a problem with mine in a year and none for my wife's replacements. Too soon to say if they'll last as well as Simms, but if you travel you gotta love those interchangeable soles.

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    Mt. View had the Simms special. I was tempted to buy another pair of waders, but I already bought Korkers

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    They had some korkers on sale at the sportsmans wharehouse booth. Overall was not impressed with the deals on the stuff I was looking at (mostly fly rods) some of the stuff wasnt even marked down. This was my first sportsmans show so not sure if that is normal I was expecting a large discount swap meet style deal from vendors and retailers. It seems like only a few had really good deals.
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    3 Rivers Fly and Tackle in Wasilla have some smoken deals for a short while after the show.

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    I have run across a few good deals on the simms outlet website and it's always worth it to look for discount codes online before ordering anything, just in case.


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