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Thread: Good luck this year!!!!

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    Default Good luck this year!!!!

    Well we are 155 days out from being back in the marsh. I had literally just in the last week or so started talking and making plans with my partners for heading up north to delta this summer to do some scouting. i had been watching some new decoys waiting on em to go on sale, starting to aquire a few more (( tools )) of the trade.

    Fast forward to monday...

    The decoys id been watching went on sale so of course i snagged em while i could, hard to pass on free shipping up here! LOL ! My train of thought is if come's out of my fun money budget the wife can't get to irate right.. not to big a deal she will figure it out when they show up.

    got up went to work and the boss called...he asked what i had planned for the winter., i said killing ducks and ice'ing fish. he said well you gonna have to scrap that plan cause you'll be getting ate up by sand fleas instead.. i asked for a few details an said ok..not much point in fighting it cause it's what we sign up for.. got off the phone with him and then it hits me...IM GONNA MISS ALL BUT MAYBE THE FIRST COUPLE DAYS OF DUCK SEASON..
    I called him back ( off the record of course ) and made it clear that it was a DXCK move. we exchanged a few words, laughed about it an moved on. ( just cause he had to be the bearer of bad news doesn't mean we do not or will not get along in the future )

    I kinda feel bad cause i am slightly more bothered about missing duck season than not seeing the wife..

    I breifed the wife on what was transpiring the night i found out, and gave her a heads up on my (tools) i am not gonna say it worked out for the best but..given the situation she didn't mind the decoys!!

    any how i thought it was way to much of an ironic of a week not to share with you guys..i mean come on 2 days after planning a scouting trip, 1 day after ordering new gear for this year i find ought im gonna be deployed instead of glued in blind..... it sucks but i can't help but laugh about it!!
    I think the ducks pulled some strings up stairs with the big man himself!! LOL.

    anyway good luck to you all this year and post more pics than last year, because i gonna be living vicariously through you guys. good luck, good night, and god bless.

    P.S. anyone want to start a pool on weather or not my gear will be sold when i get back..

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    Good luck with everything. A lot of us are over here now and will be here until most of the hunting seasons are over.

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    Thank you both (and all the rest)for your service. Don't worry about the ducks, the ones you won't be here to shoot, I will scare off the marsh for you. I'd also be happy to store and take care of those deks for you. Bud


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