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Thread: Dolly fishing Kodiak Coasts / River mouths

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    Default Dolly fishing Kodiak Coasts / River mouths

    I would like to do some dolly fishing in September in Kodiak. Last trip I found a lot of dollies in a little creek while running Anton Larson Pass. I will check it this year (I will not run the marathon this year, so I can fish the creek ).
    I heard and read about dolly fishing along the coast. Is the timing OK (mid to end September)? Of course, it would be great to get some information where/when. Do I have to try the river mouths or anywehere along the coast?

    Thank you - Hans

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    That time of year you're goin got find most of the dollies up in the rivers. Beads were hot for me last year as they're sitting behind the silvers fattening up on eggs. If you want give me a shout on here when you head up. Always looking to get out and fish with new buds.


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