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Thread: Ideas for 4-5 day packraft trip somewhere PenAir flies

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    Default Ideas for 4-5 day packraft trip somewhere PenAir flies


    A friend and I are looking to cash in a couple PenAir vouchers for a June or July packraft fishing trip. Wish we had more time, but will have to stick to a long weekend (5 days max). First thought was Aniak, but time constraints probably won't allow us to get to the best fishing and floating area. We're hoping to avoid flying again once we get to the penair destination to save time/$.

    We're open to hiking, hitching, paying for water shuttle or taxi to get us to the drop-off. Ideal trip: fly to destination w/ Pen, shuttle by car or boat to trailhead. Hike in somewhere more remote but not taking too much time. Float 30+ miles back to departure airport w/ Pen.

    Priorities: 1. fun river (class 3 and below, portages fine, few hazards), 2. good fishing, 3. good camping, wildlife, scenery, 4. not too crowded.

    Looking at smaller rivers near King Salmon, Togiak, Dillingham, others?

    The road from Dillingham to Aleknagik looks interesting.....several road accessible creeks flowing into the Wood River. Anyone have experience w/ those? Thanks in advance for any help w/ potential trips. Really appreciate and value the collective knowledge and wisdom on this board. Craig

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    Look into the Aniakchak Crater trip out of Port Heiden. This has been on my list for a number of years. Do a google search on it and look at the pack raft forum and you'll get some good ideas. there is a rout to to the crater, float 20 miles, hike south west a few miles and link into another river that flows back to Port Heiden. If you look at the maps it should pop out at you.

    You may also think about floating clear creek. You take the trail form Talketna to Curry and hike over the mountains to Clear creek.


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